The 10th Day of Love

Memory Verse—1 John 4:8. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.

The Prayer—O God, help me to know that whatever happens to me, my family and my world, that God is love.

The Affirmation—Today I will repeat and believe the words, “God is love.”

The Scripture Lesson—1 John 2:9-12

The Meditation

Go wherever love is…because:

…Others have love to give you!


It is just as loving to let others love you, as it is lovely of you to love others.

Jesus found love.


Somewhere there is waiting for me

A love light I long to see.

Where shall I find it?

This treasure so rare?

In the heart of a child

So meek and so mild.


In the laughter of a lad

When his heart is glad.

In the measure of a man

Who for the right, loves to stand;

In the mood of a matchless mother

Who gives her life for another.


Maybe it will come!

In some glad morning,

Without a moment’s warning,

In the sacred sweetness of silence;

In the majestic music that moves me;

In the mood of a moment that is mine.