The 12th Day of Love

Memory Verse—1 John 4:19. We love because He first loved us.

The Prayer—Lord, help me to first love others.

The Affirmation—Today I will be first in love.

The Scripture Lesson—1 John 4:16-19

The Meditation

When God was ready to tell us how much He

loved us, it took more than a heaven filled with

stars, more than a world filled with beauty. It took

flesh, a mind, a voice, a spirit, a living Person—

It took Jesus, the Savior, to reveal how much

God cared.

God is trying to tell others how much He cares

and He needs your help.

You can love a flower, but the flower cannot love

you. You can love an infinite number of beautiful

things, but things can never love you.

You are God’s love letter to others.

What are they reading?