The 18th Day of Love

Memory Verse—John 11:5. Jesus loved Martha and her sister.

The Prayer—We are so thankful, Lord Jesus, that You loved people who are different.

The Affirmation—I am different and others love me.

The Scripture Lesson—John 11:6-10

The Meditation

Love makes a difference.

Sometimes the difference in a person makes the

Difference in our love.

This is not always right.

God loves us all as if we were the same!

God sees the difference in all of us—

So some of us receive His love differently.

The English word, “love” is inadequate. We use

it for the love of a book, a home, a church, a

friend, a parent, a sweetheart.


You are only as mature in love as you understand

and practice intelligently the different Christian


Love has many children.

Do you know their names?