The 20th Day of Love

Memory Verse—John 14:15. If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

The Prayer—Help us, O God, to show our love by our obedience.

The Affirmation—Today I will obey!

The Scripture Lesson—John 14:21-25, 27

The Meditation

To love Christ means to love the law which He

obeyed. He said, “I come not to destroy the law,

but to fulfill the law.”


You cannot have the holy help you need in

pursuit of a purpose, if you practice the petty

perversions of disobedience.

—To love right means to do right!

—To do right means to love right!


The rigid rules of discipline must never destroy

the delicate desires of divine devotion! The

divine purpose of discipline is not to make more

discipline but to develop more devotion in love.

We break God’s heart when we disobey, but we

do not break the law—the law breaks us.