The 21st Day of Love

Memory Verse—John 14:23. Those who love me will keep my word.

The Prayer—Lord, help us to hear Your words of love and never forget.

The Affirmation—Today I will remember words of love.

The Scripture Lesson—John 14:24-28, 37, 38

The Meditation

There are people who love purposes more than

they do persons.

And this gets them into trouble.

Think on these:

Did you ever see a person who loved the church

more than the people in the church?

Did you ever hear of a person who loved

democracy more than they did a neighbor of another color?

Have you ever tried to justify the means because

of the end in view—although you crushed people

in your program?

Remember: It takes a lot of love, to love a lot of people,

—If you really mean in individually.

—In fact, it takes the grace of God!