The 29th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Hebrews 1:9. You have loved righteousness.

The Prayer— Grant, O God, that my ‘want to’ and ‘ought to’ will be the same.

The Affirmation— I want to do right today.

The Scripture Lesson— Hebrews 1:8-13

The Meditation

If there can be a right way to love, there can

always be a wrong way to love. Unrighteous love

may be simply mixed emotions when our

witness and our love should be clear. The reward

of righteous love is righteousness!

The wages of sinful love is “sin” and more sin.

The more you love anything, the more you

become like it!

A little love

When a lot is needed,

Is like a piece of ground

That is poorly seeded.

Because love grows in a garden

From the seed we plant there,

When love grows thin,

When evil creeps in,

The life we started in morning light

May be dissolved away in darkest night.