The 30th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 21:17. Simon, do you love me?

The Prayer— Lord Jesus, may we hear You call our name today.

The Affirmation— Today I will be listening to Jesus.

The Scripture Lesson— John 21:15-20

The Meditation

It is not difficult to find many people who love

Jesus. But how rare to find someone who loves

Him supremely!

Simon loved Jesus. He was sincere, but h did not

understand the weakness of his own love!

The true test of our love is not what we say with

our lips, but rather, when we are torn, tempted

and tried, and still we stand close to His side.

…When have you proved to Jesus and to

yourself, that you loved Him supremely?

—When you were sick and helpless?

—When you were whole and hopeful?

—When you were sacrificing and serving?

—When you were worshiping and waiting?

Someday He may say to you, “Do you love me?”

Perhaps today—Are you listening?