The 31st Day of Love

Memory Verse— Ephesians 5:25. Husbands (wives), love your wives (husbands), just as Christ loved.

The Prayer— Help every husband and wife to be loving and respectful today.

The Affirmation— Today, I will show Christ-like love toward my spouse.

The Scripture Lesson— Ephesians 5:28-33

The Meditation

One of the strangest mysteries of Christian life is

in our carelessness with those we love most.

Sometimes we practice our worst manners on

people we love best.

Home is the place where those who know us best

can love us most, because they know what we

are and what we can become.

Dr. Roy Burkhart said there is a famine of tenderness.

Truly great followers of Christ are those who

know how to be intelligently tender with their

family. Tenderness is not a measure of weakness

but a manner of strength and greatness.

To be lovable all the time at home is a blessing

beyond description for our families.