The 32nd Day of Love

Memory Verse— Amos 5:15. Hate the evil and love the good.

The Prayer— O Lord, teach me what to love and what to hate.

The Affirmation— Today I will love the good.

The Scripture Lesson— Zechariah 8:20-23

The Meditation

Loving and hating are not always extremes—

sometimes they are very close together, in the

same person!

We have witnessed hatred in a family. A wife and

husband that were once devoted to each other

may become the bitterest enemies.

Children may resent their parents.

What is the problem of love and hate?

Resentment about little things is an early “seed”

that grows toward hatred. Unwillingness to forgive

means that you have asked resentment to become a permanent guest in your heart.

The cure for hate is positive love, created, sustained

and expressed.

When our heart is filled with love, there is no

room for hate.