The 33nd Day of Love

Memory Verse— Jeremiah 2:25. I have loved strangers.

The Prayer— O Lord, help me to love every stranger I meet today.

The Affirmation— Today every stranger will be a ‘friend’ in love.

The Scripture Lesson— Matthew 25:34-41

The Meditation

If you have ever been alone and a long way from

home and you have met a stranger who was

very loving and kind, then you know the value

of the virtue of “loving strangers.”

Every friend you have was once a stranger to you.

Every stranger you meet is probably somebody’s

friend. To turn a stranger into a friend is one

of the finest, most intelligent arts of Christian living.

Have you heard it said of another—“He never

meets a stranger”?

Maybe this is life at its best. To make it easy

for a stranger to be at home with you is one of

life’s greatest gifts.

Jesus is never a stranger to anyone who wants

Him as a friend.

For Jesus’ sake, you can be a friend to every stranger you meet.