The 37th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Micah 6:8. To do justly, to love mercy.

The Prayer— Our Father, help us to be merciful to others as You have been merciful to us.

The Affirmation— Today I will show mercy to everybody.

The Scripture Lesson— Micah 6:6-9

The Meditation

Love is the crown of jewels on the Head of Divinity

where dwells the mind of God in mercy

towards humankind.

Love is the cushion on the sharp edge of justice

that reflects the elements of mercy.

Justice is the verdict of law.

Justice is the verdict of love.

Mercy in the sentence of God is greater than the

laws He made.

The humility of justice is love that brings and

bestows mercy.

Love without justice may become license for evil.

Justice without mercy becomes cruelty without

hope of redemption.

The grace of God is the divine combination of

justice and mercy that makes possible the

transformation of human character and the

operation of a Christian society of love.