The 41st Day of Love

Memory Verse— Deuteronomy 30:16. I command you this day to love the Lord, your God.

The Prayer— Our Father, teach us that Christian love is the finest foundation of friendship.

The Affirmation— Today I will be a friend in Christ’s spirit.

The Scripture Lesson— Ruth 1:16-19

The Meditation

The lesson of the book of Ruth might be: how

to turn a mother-in-law into a “mother-in-love.”

A loving mother-in-law has the grace to know how:

  1. To release her child when he is gone to be a

companion to another.

  1. To let her children and grandchildren have

the privilege of making their own mistakes.

  1. To make her heart a cemetery for burying

unkind gossip.

  1. To practice healing love when bitter differences


  1. To share love in every direction and relationship.