The 43rd Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 13:34. That you love one another.

The Prayer— We are thankful this day for all who love us and let us know they care.

The Affirmation— Today I will express love to others.

The Scripture Lesson— John 13:34-38

The Meditation

Many people will live this day through without

a single person saying to them, “I love you.”

You can change your home by starting the day

with each member of the family saying, “I love


A great Christian wife said, “My husband promised

me before we married that every night he

would say, ‘I love you’ and kiss me goodnight.”

She said he never failed.

Think of the many ways God is trying to say to

you, “I love you.”

God says, “I love you” through the beauty and

inspiration of nature.

In a garden, in a sunset, in the starry sky!

God says, “I love you” through persons, a friend,

a minister, a doctor, a servant a companion,

a father, a mother, a child.

God says, “I love you” through His word, His Son,

His Spirit, His Salvation.

Will you listen? God is loving you now!