The 44th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 13:35. If you have love for one another.

The Prayer— Help us to know, our Father, that we must have love before we can share it.

The Affirmation— Today I will be possessed by love.

The Scripture Lesson— John 14:27-31

The Meditation

Every person is possessed by something.

Some are possessed by pleasure.

Some are possessed by power.

Some are possessed by purpose.

Some are possessed by faith—and

Some are possessed by God and Christian love.

Dr. Thomas Chalmers gave us the expression,

“The expulsive power of a great affection.”

Life’s most inspiring experiences come through

being possessed by love.

Two young people fall in love—a home is born; a

family comes alive.

Two friends meet and the rest of their lives they

inspire each other.

A wayward sinner meets Jesus Christ who loves

him and transforms him, and he is eternally different.

To be possessed by hate is to be a prisoner.

To be possessed by love is to have endless freedom.