The 45th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 15:9. I love you: continue in my love.

The Prayer— We thank You, Lord Jesus, that You say to us, ‘I love you.’

The Affirmation— Each day I want to say ‘I love you’ and really mean it.

The Scripture Lesson— John 15:4-8

The Meditation

If you want to know who your real friends are,

wait until you are defeated, in trouble, or become

unpopular because of some stand you have


Continuing love is the true mark of a great

Christian character.

We find this in a mother who continues to love

her boy when he is wrong and the world has

rejected him.

The average modern church has not trained its

people to continue in love when some member

has gone into embarrassing sin!

Can you continue in love when the mob around

you is preaching hate?

Can you continue in love when you are the personal

object of someone’s ridicule and rejection?

Can you continue in love when you are the “victim”

and not the “victor”?

Continuing love goes beyond all contemporary


For the heart has reasons that the mind does not


Listen to Jesus as He says to you—“Continue in

my love.”