The 46TH Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 15:10. You will abide in my love.

The Prayer— We thank You, O Lord, that we can know that we are abiding in Your love.

The Affirmation— Today I will let others abide in my love.

The Scripture Lesson— John 15:7-12

The Meditation

Have you ever been to a place to visit where you

were most reluctant to leave? Maybe this was a

place where people were abiding in love.

It might have been a home, a church, a prayer

group, a retreat, a meeting of joyful friends.

A Christian home is a place where people abide in

His love. They pray together, they are patient

with one another, they maintain good dispositions,

they refrain from negative criticism, they

refuse to engage in evil gossip, they are happy

and hopeful!

Wouldn’t you like to have a home like that? You

can, by abiding in His love.

Corporate Christian love is the finest fellowship

known to human kind.

This is what the early church experience. When

everybody in a group is thinking loving, Christian

thoughts about everyone else in the group,

then you have the “body of Christ”—the living


Abiding love is not just the impulse of a happy


Abiding love is the intelligent objective of sensible

Christian people who work, pray, understand

and seek life’s highest fellowship.

The more we are like Jesus, the easier it is to love

each other; and the more we abide in Him,

more we enjoy abiding with each other.