The 49th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Romans 5:8. God proves his love for us.

The Prayer— We thank You, loving Father, for continually giving us love.

The Affirmation— Today I will be positive in giving my love to others.

The Scripture Lesson— Romans 5:7-11

The Meditation


Because God gives love,

You give love.

You live love.

You leave love.

You lift the load of the lonely;

You lead the lost into the light;

You learn life’s loftiest lessons.

You own everything you need,

Yet you are possessed by nothing.

You go anywhere and everywhere,

Yet you are always at home.

You live, learn; you die daily;

Yet you never cease to live.

You have learned one of love’s greatest lessons.

People do not always give because they receive,

But people who love, always receive because

they are always giving love.