The 58th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Ephesians 3:19. And to know the love of Christ.

The Prayer— Help us to know Christ in surrender that His love may be redemptive and real.

The Affirmation— Today I seek to know Christ better.

The Scripture Lesson— Galatians 3:14-19

The Meditation

Sometimes we want to know the love of Christ

without belonging to Him. To know His love,

you must love Him first, and make Him your

first love.

You can only know this love by the experience of

His love.

You cannot know it by hearing, or reading, or

studying, or teaching, or preaching, or practicing

love. You can only know His love by knowing

Him as Savior and Lord.

Surrender first to Christ, know His love in forgiveness,

in assurance and power; then you

can face life and live it triumphantly!

Maybe this is life’s greatest knowledge, and

heaven's highest wisdom.

Do you know Him?