The 59th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Ephesians 5:2. And walk in love as Christ also has.

The Prayer— Help me to walk today in love so that others may follow Christ in love.

The Affirmation— Today Christ walks in love and I walk with Him.

The Scripture Lesson— Ephesians 5:1-6

The Meditation

Everywhere Christ walked, He walked in love.

He was tempted in every point just as we are, yet

He never sinned; he just walked in love.

He was abused, lied upon, criticized, condemned,

whipped and finally crucified; yet He walked

through it all in love. He had the grace of

intimate kindness; He kept the confidence of

His comradeships because He walked with those

who knew Him best in love.

Christ walks through the world today in love.

Who will follow; who will go with Him?

He walks through the corrupted world ever saying,

“I love you, follow Me.”

He walks through every area of tension between

the races, ever saying to all on both sides,

“I love you; follow Me”. He walks with the lonely,

the least, and the lost, ever saying, “I love you;

follow Me”.

May we sing it, say it, pray it, share it, as our witness.

“Where He leads me, I will follow,

I’ll go with Him all the way.”