The 6th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 21:17. Simon son of John, do you love me?

The Prayer—Lord, help us to prove our love by our life more than by our lips.

The Affirmation—Today I will live love.

The Scripture Lesson—Philemon 1:3-6

The Meditation

Sentences of love are the sermons of our soul!

We sing love in the sentences of a song.

We pray love in the prose of a prayer.

We send love everywhere.


The story of our life is said

In the sentences we say!

To find life at its best,

We must meet the test

To find many new ways

For many new days

Of simply saying, “I love you.”

Let’s learn to say it!

In the sacrament of silence,

By what we are!

In the sacredness of service, By what we do!

In the tenderness of our tones

When we say,

“I love you.”