The 60th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Colossians 2:2. Be encouraged and united in love.

The Prayer— Help me to live together in love with all kinds of people.

The Affirmation— I need to be a part of the witness of corporate love.

The Scripture Lesson— Colossians 2:1-6

The Meditation

As followers of Jesus Christ, we can love others not

only individually, but also through our participation

in groups. With others, we practice corporate love.

We who are U.S. citizens can celebrate the ways our nation

promotes peace, justice, health and respect for

human dignity among all nations.

We can also be honest and regretful of the ways we as a

nation fail to live up to God’s standards.

Too often civility is missing in public discourse.

Some of the bittersweet hatred in the U.S. is between

people who disagree on various social issues.

Is the witness of politics on a state and national

level the witness of corporate love?

The strength of democracy is in the decency of


The death of democracy is in the disease of hatred

and loss of mutual respect for sincere people

who disagree with us.

The highest wisdom for corporate judgment and

corporate action always comes through the

finest experience of corporate love.

Together we love and live,


Together we hate and die!

Which way will you go?