The 61st Day of Love

Memory Verse— 1 Thessalonians 1:3. Your work of faith and labor of love.

The Prayer— Help us to know that to love is to work.

The Affirmation— Today I will work as I love and love as I work.

The Scripture Lesson— 1 Timothy 6:7-12

The Meditation

The greatest inspiration for any kind of work is

the motivation of love.

An artist spends hours on a canvas because this

is what he loves.

A mother works all night to care for her child,

because she loves.

However, there are a great many people who are

not working at what they love. They work

because they have to make a living.

What is the answer? A good devotional life added

to necessary duty can turn our work into a

labor of love.

Resentment makes work seem longer and harder.

Love will lighten the load, and make the time go


God has a life work for us all, and this is a labor

of love in any situation.