The 69th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 12:43. They loved human glory more.

The Prayer—Save us, our Father, from the vanity of place seeking.

The Affirmation— When others praise me, I will give the praise to God and others.

The Scripture Lesson— John 12:42-46

The Meditation

There have probably been more good, Christian

persons ruined through a success complex than

have ever been ruined through a sense of


Success is a dangerous thing. Some people can’t

stand it.

They go through violent personality change.

Sometimes our worst enemy is the one who praises us

too much.

The real Christian test of love is our willingness

to tell a friend the truth when other are giving

Him praise.

To seek praise for the sake of praise, or to seek

place for the sake of privileges, is spiritual


The most subtle form of treason is to do the right thing for the wrong reason.