The 7th Day of Love

Memory Verse—John 15:12. That you love one another as I have loved you.

The Prayer—We are so thankful, Lord Jesus, for Your constant love all the time.

The Affirmation—Today I will try to love others as Jesus loves me.

The Scripture Lesson—Matthew 11:28-30

The Meditation

Have you found people with loads too heavy to lift? Then get under the load with them.

Love will lift a load when everything else has failed.

Because: “God is Love”

When disease has done its worst, we may see life at its best!

Because: God can save, and He can heal!

When life is too heavy and we cannot bear the load—

We take our burdens to the Lord, because God cares.

Therefore, remember:

Nothing is going to happen to you that is too big for you and God to handle in love.

No temptation is going to overtake you, but what is common to man and woman—and God will, in love, provide escape.

New life and new love come together in the comradeship of a common task, when together we love, and together we live, and together we lift the burdens on the backs of our brothers and sisters.