The 70th Day of Love

Memory Verse— John 11:3. Lord, he whom you love is ill.

The Prayer—We are thankful that God does not send sickness.

The Affirmation— I want to tell others who are sick that God wants them to be well!

The Scripture Lesson— James 5:16-20

The Meditation

It is important to know that the whole field of

prayer and healing is coming into the finest day

of appreciation and appraisal that the world has

ever known.

Right along with the ministry of prayer healing

comes the study of the psychosomatic bases of

our illness. So many intelligent Christian

doctors are coming to see and to say that our

attitudes are reflected in our bodies.

Intellectually honest science and the Christian

religion have come to say together that love is

the most important experience for a human

being on this planet.

To love the sick could be to teach the sick how

to love.

And thus they are helped into wholeness.