The 72nd Day of Love

Memory Verse— 1 John 4:9. Manifested the love of God toward us.

The Prayer— We are so thankful that God sent Jesus to tell us how much He loved us.

The Affirmation— Today I want to tell others how much God loves them.

The Scripture Lesson— James 2:15-20

The Meditation

Some people are very hesitant about manifesting

their love toward anyone. This sometimes is

good; it is sometimes bad.

We all know that the person who overdoes the job

of manifesting love, becomes a nuisance. The

person who never says “I love you” to anyone

is not ideal.

Every day you need four things:

You need someone to pray for you by name,

You need someone to listen to you.

You need someone to tell you what a wonderful person you are.

You need someone to say sincerely “I love you”.

Today would be a good time to start saying,

thinking and manifesting love.