The 85th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Proverbs 10:12. Love covers all sins.

The Prayer— We are thankful, our Father, for Your love that covers all our sins.

The Affirmation— His love is larger than all my sins.

The Scripture Lesson— Psalm 51:10-13

The Meditation

For one thing to cover another, the one that

covers must be the larger.

How large is your love?

Do you love some people with some sins, but some

other with certain ins you refuse to love?

Most church members are not trained to have a

large enough love.

When one church member is overtaken with an

embarrassing sin, other church members may

want to pass him by and have nothing to do

with him.

We know this is not Christ-like.

Jesus was numbered with the transgressors. He

went to be guest with some who were sinners.

A Christian mother loves her son, regardless of

what he has done.

Jesus said, and He still says, “As I have loved you,

love one another”.

Life is going to demand of you a larger love than

you now have.

How big is your love?