The 87th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Romans 13:9. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

The Prayer— O Lord, help me to be the kind of neighbor I want others to be toward me.

The Affirmation— If the world is one neighborhood, then, I must be everybody’s neighbor. What a thought!

The Scripture Lesson— Romans 13:9.

The Meditation

Two of the miracles of the modern world are

communication and travel. In conversation you

are only a call away, a text away from a

person across the world.

In this jet age you are only hours away from some

one on the other side of the world. In news

reporting, through satellite technology, we have a

ringside seat in real time.

Science has truly turned the world into a neighborhood.

Now Christian love must turn the world into

a family.

Education alone cannot turn the world into a

society of friends.

Politics cannot turn the world into a caring


Military power cannot turn the world into a

planet of peace and mutual affection.

Only the power of Almighty God in Christian love,

through united prayer, can turn the world into

a community of loving neighbors.

How many neighbors do you have who know you

as an extension of Christ’s love?