The 9th Day of Love

Memory Verse—John 10:17. For this reason the Father loves me

The Prayer—Lord, we cannot live without Your love.

The Affirmation—Today I am receiving God’s love all day.

The Scripture Lesson—Lamentations 3:21-26

The Meditation

Take along some extra love today.

You may need it.

Remember, how they criticized Jesus.

See Him standing before Pilate.

Listen to the whip coming down on His back—

And yet!

He always had more than enough love!

The overflowing heart

is the ever-loving heart.


The heart that overflows

always knows

That the fountains of love

forever flow

In the foothills of faith and freedom.

Take love with you!

As one who is prepared;

as one who cared;

Take love with you

as one who dared.

Take love with you

To believe:

In the fellowship of love

Are the finest flowers of freedom—and—

The last best hope of the human race

Is the love light that shined in His face!