The 92nd Day of Love

Memory Verse— Jude 1:21. Keep yourselves in the love of God.

The Prayer— Help me see, O God, how the love of pleasure has saturated our world.

The Affirmation— I am willing to give up pleasure because I love God, the church, and others more.

The Scripture Lesson— 2 Timothy 3:1-5

The Meditation

When “pleasure” is our God, the God is not our


Most people do what they please with most of

life; but they often find out that when they do

what they please, they are not always pleased

with what they do, and they are not always

pleased with what they become!

Is the drunkard pleased with the wrecks he has

caused that killed?

Is the immoral man pleased with his guilty


Is the careless man pleased with the money he has

spent on pleasure, that he now needs to buy food

or pay past due bills?

Many things in the world that look like pleasure

are not pleasure at all!

In the end they bring sorrow and shame!

The greatest pleasure is in a clear conscience, a

right relationship with God, and a loving

attitude toward all people.

The pleasure of love is loving that pleases God—

and then we know joys that through all time