The 93rd Day of Love

Memory Verse— Joshua 22:5. Take good care to… to love the Lord your God.

The Prayer— When I am slipping out of Your love, help me to know it, O God.

The Affirmation— Today—all day—I will give attention to love.

The Meditation

The only way you can truly know where you are

in love, is to know where you are in relation to

all you should love.

A little resentment when left alone, or encouraged

to grow, may one day mature into the monster

of “hate”.

You do not know where you are in life until you

know where you are in love!

Emotional ecstasy or occasional generosity to

quiet our selfish conscience is not the answer.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to evaluate

the difficult situations of life.

How do I feel toward a person who has wronged

me many years ago and has never made it right?

How long since I have assured an enemy that

I loved him?

When I am crossed up and hindered in trying to

do what I believe is right, how do I react?

Newborn love is somewhat like a newborn baby!

Both of them have to have constant attention

if they are going to grow up and mature! Give

attention to love!