The 94th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Psalm 31:23. Love the Lord, all you his saints.

The Prayer— We are thankful, our Father, for the invitation to love You.

The Affirmation— The greatest sin in the world is the sin of lovelessness.

The Scripture Lesson— Isaiah 43:1-3, 43:18-19

The Meditation

It is difficult to find two types of persons.

First: A person who really hates the Lord,

Second: A person who loves the Lord with all their heart.

Most of us come somewhere in between these two


How would you convince yourself that you really

loved the Lord?

Here are some possible ways:

By doing what God wants you to do!

By loving what and whom God loves!

By loving the church!

By helping those that God is helping.

By giving to God and His work what He

wants you to give.

By giving God what He wants most from

you—your heart and your life.

To love sin is to become a slave!

To love God is to be set free!

Therefore, choose to love the Lord and you will

know His gracious freedom!