The 95th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Psalm 119:97. Oh, how I love your law!

The Prayer— Help me to love to do right as well as loving to be right.

The Affirmation— Today I will show my love for God and others through my obedience to what is right.

The Scripture Lesson— Matthew 5:17-20

The Meditation

Perhaps it is correct to say that most good citizens

love the “law” when they think of it objectively!

How different we feel when we are caught up

in disobedience of the law!

To love a law means to obey the law carefully,

gladly, constantly!

Would it be correct to say that the hardest task

we have is not loving God but in loving God’s


Let us remember that every law of God is a law

of love!

When we are saved, we are not saved from law,

we are saved from the disobedience of law!

There is no basic conflict in law and grace when

you realize that you are dealing ultimately with a person who is Love!

To love God’s law is to love what is eternally


If you love “love”, and you don’t love “law”, then

you can lose your love, be lost to His law, and

lose your life!