The 96th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Psalm 119:127. Truly I love your commandments more than gold.

The Scripture Lesson— Proverbs 6:16-19

The Meditation

Suffering and love often travel together in the

same personality. Jesus suffered for and with the

people who crucified Him.

A past President of the United States was shot

While on a happy tour of a great city. His loving

wife was by his side. He died in less than an hour.

mournful millions wondered why this happened.

People came from across the world to Washington

on a mission of love, prayer and sympathy.

I have seen good people with broken bodies

yet they lived in triumphant love.

The relation of affliction and love is more than

an academic question; it is one of the solemn

relationships of life. Faith in a God of love is the

finest resource available for the facing of this fact.

Out of our affliction comes a witness of love,

and people see it more clearly because it is etched

against a dark background.

This love was in the life of our Lord.