The 98th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Psalm 145:20. The Lord watches over all who love him.

The Prayer— Help us, I Lord, to see and to grasp the meaning of the affection for vanity in our culture.

The Affirmation— I need to see the vanity in my life, and to know why I have loved this vanity so.

The Scripture Lesson— Ecclesiastes 1:1, 14; 11:9; 12:1, 13, 14

The Meditation

There has never been a day before when people

were capable of having so many “WANTS” as

today. So much modern advertising is made to

appeal to one’s vanity.

Style has caught us up and made us slaves and

fanatics in the mad race of culture.

We seem to grow more ignorant concerning the

futility of the love of vanity. For many of us

we could truly say that our parents and grand-

parents had a better sense of value than we


The modern church as a whole has utterly failed

the modern man in this crisis with vanity.

Why? Because the church has been caught up

in the love of vanity—the vanity of having a

large crowd; the vanity of statistics, the vanity

of gorgeous architecture and fabulous buildings,

the vanity of place and prestige.

A place-seeking minister who works and schemes

to get a fabulous salary and lives in a fancy

home could hardly be expected to preach

effectively on “the love of vanity”.

Jesus was free from the love of vanity.

Let’s follow Him! Always and in all ways!