The 99th Day of Love

Memory Verse— Psalm 4:2. How long will you love vanity?

The Prayer— We are thankful, our Father, that we shall dwell in Your house of love forever.

The Affirmation— Today I am living in eternity; therefore, I am abiding in eternal love.

The Scripture Lesson— John 14:1-3

The Meditation

Love is the greatest thing in a home and it makes

for happy, creative family life.

Love is the greatest thing in a church, and it

makes for the finest fellowship on earth.

Love is the greatest thing in a community, and it

will help you to have the finest neighbors and

to be the best neighbor you have ever been.

Love is the greatest thing in a nation, and it will

help build Christian democracy.

Love will help labor and capital work out their


Love will help all races to work out their Divine

duty and their Divine Destiny.

Love will help our nation to work out a peaceful

relation and proper appreciation for all other


United prayer through which united love can

come is the last best hope of the human race.

Will you continue to share the love and compassion

that Jesus shares with all the world, until

at last His love shall cover the earth as the

waters cover the sea!